Thursday, August 20

Out for the day

Due to the weather there has been no real opportunity for any sailing trips. Another reason is that the summer vacation is over and we are back to work.

However this Thursday was an exception, I took the day of from work for a one day sailing trip just outside Dalarö. It was a clear blue sky with a reasonable wind, which increased significantly as the day progressed. It started as a SW wind 4-6 m/s, the wind veered to S and increased to 9-12 m/s.
I passed Dalarö Skans and headed towards Jungfrufjärden and Mörtö-Bunsö. Instead of stopping of in the bay of Mörtö-Bunsö for lunch, I had my lunch on the way.

On the way back I just crossed Jungrufjärden towards the north of Edsön, where I took down the sails and motored home passing the town of Dalarö on the way.

So it was a nice trip in good wind and sunshine, as it should be. Perhaps a little to windy to be a relaxed sailing trip.

Monday, August 10

Karlslund, the home port

We arrived at 12:30 to Karlslund after a 860 miles long holiday trip with Lady Ann. A trip, which went around the south and west coast of Sweden, through the Göta Kanal system and back to the east coast and Stockholm.

We will now have a few days rest before going back to work and with a more normal day-to-day life.

We left Rånö Hamn around 9:00 for the last 13 miles up over Mysingen to Dalarö and Karlslund.

Sunday, August 9

Rånö Hamn

We left Ringsön early in the morning with the first ambition to go all the way up to Karlslund the home port for Lady Ann. But after a contact with Kerstin and Peter we decided to meet up at Rånö Hamn for a dinner, and stay the night there before we continue the last miles to Karlslund.

Before we left Ringsön, the captain had to test the water temperature. The official figure was 22,5 degrees Celsius, but it felt colder though.

We arrived at Rånö Hamn at around 16.00 and we had a nice stay there with Kerstin and Peter.

Saturday, August 8


Lady Ann left Söderköping 09:05 this morning after a very quite night in the guest harbour. We left as soon as the lock opened, and together with Jan from Karlstad in an Elan 333 (boat neighbour with Jan Magnusson). We took the 3 last locks down to Mem.

Then it was Slätbaken, where we prepared the ship for sailing again. There were a few things, which have got some marks from the locks.

We then passed Stegeborg on our way out to the Baltic.

After the total of 58 locks, the deck hand's comment was, "No more locks this season, the lock season is over!"
The captain enjoyed a simple lunch and agreed.

We arrived at Ringsön around 17:20, and we took an anchor position very deep in the cove. The trip was 48 miles, and we are planning to take the last bit to the home harbour tomorrow.

Friday, August 7

Göta kanal, Söderköping

Lady Ann arrived at Söderköping today at 14:30 after a very nice trip today from Lake Roxen.
We are staying in the guest harbour just before the lock and after the Rabbit Crossing.

We woke up to a wonderful morning in Lake Roxen, which had already been discovered by the two sailing bears.

Today's summary of locks is 12 and a number of bridges, some you don't need to have opened, as the E4 motorway bridge.

After Söderköping there are only 3 locks more, and then we have made the total of 58 locks from Sjötorp to Mem.

Thursday, August 6

Göta kanal, Lake Roxen

We started today already at 08:00 and sailed over Lake Boren to today’s first lock at Borensberg. That is an old manual lock with not any significant height difference really. We were passing not only the famous Göta Hotel at Borennsberg, but also the traditional canal ship Diana, goes from Stockholm to Gothenburg on regular basis during the summer season.

After a very nice trip along the canal for over 2,5 hours with a lot bridges to open, we came closer to the lock system at Berg. Today’s total were 15 locks, which included the 7 lock system at Berg, The Carl Johan locks. We took anchorage at the guest harbour below the lock system at Lake Roxen at around 14:45. So the Grand Total for the day is 43 locks.

We had to leave at 18:00, because it to full of people sun bathing along the canal and swimming in the locks. It was just too much, when the local beer gangs came along around five o'clock for their beers and evening swim.

We left and went over the lake Roxen towards Norsholm. We anchored in a bay in the eastern part of Roxen for the night and had a lovely dinner in the sunset, watching a pair of sea eagles hunting.

We also had the first view of the traditional August Moon.

Wednesday, August 5

Göta Kanal, Borenshult

Arrived today 15:30 at Borenshult and there was 5 locks in a row. We took achorage below the looks as it looked like an upcoming thunderstorm with showers, so we stay the night here, and we will start early tomorow and travel over Lake Boren towards Borensberg.

Passing Motala after the trip over Lake Vättern today, where the Göta Kanal the main office is situated.

Tuesday, August 4

Göta Kanal, Karlsborg

We arrived in Karlsborg this afternoon about 16:30. It was a bit crowded in the official guest harbour, but we got a place on the opposite side at the sailing club. It was quite OK, a bit to walk to the facilities though.

We had a fantastic trip today from Hajstorp, in total today 26 miles. We have now done 21 locks and a number of bridges. We have actually started to go down now, the first lock down was Forsvik just before Karlsborg.

The trip on the canal today has been quite relaxing and it was a marvelous trip over the Lake Viken, which together with a number of other lakes, are a part of the Canal.

And after the Lake Viken there were some really narrow parts of the canal. Luckily we didn't meet any big boats there.

Monday, August 3

Göta Kanal, Hajstorp

Arrived at Hajstorp today at 14:45 after just a 3,5 mile trip, but with 11 locks. So it took about 5 hours any way.

It was hard work for the captain at the winch during the locks, while the deck hand was strolling along at the lock side. No, Janet is doing alright now with her knee, thanks God, because she has to jump ashore and climb bridges and what ever with the lines so they can be attached to the rings at the lock side, while going up in the locks.

Hajstorp is a nice little guest harbour, not much facilities but nice and quite anyway.

Hopefully we will have some sunshine tomorrow to dry up this evening’s rain.

Sunday, August 2

Göta Kanal, Lyrestad

We are now in the canal, after 8 locks we both know it and feel it. It is hard work going upstream.

We left Mista Udde around 07:45, and Lake Vänern was absolutely flat with no wind.

We could see Läckö Castle in a distance while we were heading for Sjötorp and the Göta canal.

We arrived in Sjötorp 14:00 and we decided to take the battle with the upstream locks immediately. We made 8 locks and 3 bridges before we closed for the evening in Lyrestad.

Saturday, August 1

Lake Vänern, Ekens archipelago

We left Vänersborg about 10:00 after we had filled up with fuel. It was a nice sail over Lake Vänern in a south westerly wind at start 8-10, later just 6-8 m/s. We had a very relaxed down wind sail, just with the main sail up. We were doing around 5-6 knot.

We arrived in Ekens archipelago around 17:00 and we stopped close to Spiken at Mista Udde, a guest harbour run by SSW. Not the ideal harbour, but god enough for us at the time.