Thursday, July 30

A day in Vänersborg

So what do you do in Vänersborg, when you are waiting for a little better weather to cross Lake Vänern. There will be a near gale force wind tonight and tomorrow.

Well, the captain has done his apprenticeship in the galley, he did the washing up and the general cleaning. He was also on duty keeping a close watch over the washing procedure. It was a major responsibility, as there were 3 machines going at the same time plus 3 tumble dryers.

Below is how a sailing boat can look inside sometimes, you never see these pictures in the Hallberg-Rassy sales brochures or in boat magazines.

Janet is not cooking coffee, she is using an old ironing method, I have been told. Looks like coffee cooking to me though. I will wait and see if coffee coming soon, it is the right time of the day.

A disadvantage with staying put in the harbour for a day or two, is that you loose out on the "angörare", also called "einen anleger". One way around that is to join others as they anchor up in the harbour. There will be one "angörare" per boat coming in, so it will be a busy afternoon with quite a few drinks.

Wednesday, July 29


It was a short trip today up to Vänersborg, where we arrived at around 12:00. It is a very nice and efficient guest harbour close to the town centre. For the guest anchorage it is stern lines you pick up from the jetty and take them astern to tie up the stern. It is quite easy if you know how to do it. This was the first time for Janet with this arrangement and it went very well.

The trip today was just 7 miles with a lock and a bridge. We will stay here today to fill up our stores with food and drink. We will also fill up with diesel for the coming trip through the canal, Göta Kanal.

As the weather forecast says strong wind and rain for a couple of days, we decide tomorow if we stay here in Vänersborg until the end of the week and wait out the bad weather. We are planning for a two day trip over the lake Vänern, to make the journey more comfortable, and it would be nice to do it in nice weather for a change.

We finished the day with a nice dinner and good wine, all which Janet had prepared with tender loving care, as usual. Good food is the normal standard on board Lady Ann.

Tuesday, July 28

Trollhättan, Spikön

We arrived at Spikön in Trollhättan at 17:45 today and as it became a little late in the day, we decided to stop here between locks, as the harbour in Vänersborg could be full.

We left Gotheburg early at 07:10 to go up the river Göta Älv and try to make all in a day with all the bridges and locks close to Trollhättan. To Spikön it was 47 miles, which was as long as yesterdays trip from Varberg. We had sun shine for most of the trip along the river with one or two showers, so we had our wet gear on. It was not much of a view at the start close to Gothenburg, mostly industrial estates along the river. It picked up though, and it became a rather nice scenery as the trip went on.

Close to Trollhättan it was time for the locks. First it is a minor lock at Lilla Edet, and then the enormous locks at Trollhättan. The lock technique was to manage two boat hooks, one in front and one at the rear, as we went up in the lock. It is not very advanced or modern in any way, but that how you do it.

This picture is from one of the small locks. We were to busy in the big locks to take any photos of our own. But I can assure that it was taken many photos and videos from the over 100 spectators, we and another boat had on our trip up the locks.

Monday, July 27

Lady Ann in Gothenburg

After a pretty long day with rain and strong winds, we arrived at Gothenburg outside the Opera house at around 17:00. We did try to stop already around 14:00 at Donsö in Gothenburg's southern archipelago, but with a very crowded harbour and a wind of around 12 m/s, we decided to continue to the central of Gothenburg. As we are going up the river Göta Älv tomorrow, we will just continue from where we are.

We left Varberg this morning at 08:15 for this 47 mile trip to Gothenburg, we knew that it would be raining and windy, but this was the only day for almost another 5 days according to the weather forecast, that gave us an south - south westerly wind. So we had rain again and a wind around 10-13 m/s and with pretty heavy seas as it had been blowing a heavy westerly wind for about 4 days.

Sunday, July 26

Four days in Varberg

Yes, so what do you do in Varberg four days while the wind is howling in the harbour and the general wind direction is from the wrong direction for the trip to Gothenburg.

- you can rent a car and drive around the country side and visit harbours by car, ie. Bua and Träsklövsläge.
- you can pick mushrooms (Kantarels), in the market if you can't reach the right forest.
- you can listen to Jerry Williams in the Park.
- you can have coffee with a new baked cake by Janet.

- or even have a nice evening dinner at the Old Pavillion.

So it is plenty to do, but anyhow a bit irritating not to be in total control, and leave when you planned.

And just to make the last day complete, we woke up in the morning, to see that our green sign had turn red overnight.

This means that the owner of the anchorage is arriving in a day or two. So we had to go to another place during the day, for our last night.

Thursday, July 23


Lady Ann arrived in Varberg today around 15:00 after a pretty wet trip from Torekov, which we left early this morning around 7:00. The trip up here was 43 miles and we had a south easterly wind, weak at the beginning but it picket up during the day, up to 9-10 m/s at lunch time. So it was both motor and sail.

But the trip was wet, very wet. It was like sailing in a constant shower, everything became wet through. I can't remember I have ever experienced something like it. On yesterday’s weather report on TV, the little weather man was talking about a low pressure from France coming over Denmark, and they were not sure where it was going. We know for sure, it went on us.

Anyhow Lady Ann are now tied up in the inner harbour in Varberg, and we all are drying up.

Wednesday, July 22

Another day in Torekov

We decided to stay another day in Torekov, to rest from yesterdays gale force winds and also to fill up our stores. We filled up with diesel, so we now have full tanks. We will also fill up with water and food.

Janet is doing better with her knee, so she is on try for deck hand duties again. We all hope she will recover further. The "Wulcan"-protection is really a god support for her knee.

Tuesday, July 21

Meeting friends in Torekov

We are still in Torekov, and are likely to be here another day or two. We need the time to see all of our friends and also to let Janet rest her leg and knee, to see if the knee will be better. Also the weather makes departure questionable as a gale storm started last night in these waters and will continue for the rest of today. We have a steady wind of around 14-15 m/s with peaks up to 16-17 m/s.

Yesterday we had a visit from Helena and Fredrik and their two boys Elis and Anton. Fredrik is the son of our friends Ann-Kristin and Leif from Gothenburg, who have a house down here for the summer seasons. So during coffee and a cake that Janet had baked, we gave the young boys an introduction to s/y Lady Ann. They decided that they wanted a sailing boat for themselves and if they took all their savings around 35-50 SEK they were convinced they could afford a boat like Lady Ann, they are 7 and 3 years old.

Today at lunch time we meet up with our old neighbors from Huddinge-Hill, Elsebet and Bengt and their daughter Kristina with husband Anders and their two girls. We had a lovely lunch at their place at Ramsjö strand with a marvelous view over Skälderviken.

This evening we had a lovely dinner with the Librants, as Ann-Kristin and Leif came come down from Gothenburg this afternoon. Leif brought a “Wulcan”-protection for Janet’s knee, to give the needed support to the knee.

Sunday, July 19


We have now arrived to Torekov on the Bjäre peninsula, where we are going to stay a couple of days. It was a short trip this morning from Mölle to Torekov, around 12 miles and it took about 3 hours in a fairly weak westerly wind. It was a lot of "old-sea" from yesterday’s heavy winds, so the trip was fairly uncomfortable.

We got a space on our own on the outer part of the sea breaker, so it is quite god. However there are some problems onboard. The first problem is that the Plotter (Raymarine) has packed in, this means that we lose not only the plotter but also the radar and AIS-receiver. We have to use our backup the old Garmin GPS, so we can set up waypoints and so on.

The really serous problem is that Janet has hurt her knee, and has big difficulties to walk, which means that she can not be engaged as deck hand anymore. That means that the captain now has to do deck hand duties. Further more, there are rumors saying that the old deck hand (Janet) is going to only do steering and navigation duties, and leave the old on-deck duties to the captain. Wasn't that called mutiny in the old days?

The really tricky question is can women steer ships, and if they can what is left for us men. We all hope that Janet really gets well quick, so we don’t need to answer all these tricky questions. But primarily so that she can enjoy her holidays, as it is not much of a sailing holiday just being left on the boat not being able to walk around in the harbours and the surroundings.

Friday, July 17

Mölle by the Sea

We are now in Mölle-by-the-Sea as this little place was once called during the 1920, when it became fashionable with mixed bathing in the cold sea. It is a fantastic little harbour beneath the mighty Kullaberg and with Kullen’s lighthouse at the outmost point of Kullaberg.

We got a nice spot in the inner most harbour, when we arrived yesterday. We had a lovely meeting with Barbro and Anders with a drink and dinner in the boat yesterday evening.

Today we borrowed Barbro's car and went into Höganäs to load up on our stores.
Then we had lunch at Barbro and Anders place, a fantastic place just by the water and a marvelous view over Öresund and Kattegat with Denmark in the horizon.

We then went to Kullaberg and walked down to Lars Wiik's artwork Nimis.

We will have a dinner together tonight in Mölle harbour and we will stay here even tomorrow as there is worse weather on is way with gale warnings for this night and tomorrow.

Wednesday, July 15

Kyrkbacken, Ven

We are now in the middle of Öresund between Sweden and Denmark on the island of Ven, which is part of Sweden since 1658 or something. But using the telephone or the mobile internet you think you are in Denmark, they are all Danish operators. Also a couple of boats in the harbour were not sure either, as they had the Danish guest flag hoisted.

Anyway we know where we are, and that is very different from yesterday in that very quiet place Klagshamn, compared to Kyrkbacken. here there are between 4 to 6 boats laying in parallel along the harbour. It reminds a lot about a camping ground.

The trip up today was very enjoyable, with nice sailing under the Öresund bridge. We also missed a thunderstorm over Malmö, we just got the wind, which just improved the sailing.

We left Klagshamn this morning around 08:00 and arrived here around 13:30. It was getting fairly full already then.

Tuesday, July 14

Klagshamn 55 31,3N 12 53,5E

We arrived at Klagshamn this afternoon at 14:30, after a 43 mile trip from Ystad this morning at 07:30, through the Falsterbo canal.

Klagshamn is a very tranquil little harbour, with plenty of free places. They use the red/green sign system, and had plenty of green signs when we arrived. It is very likely that there will be quit a few places free this evening for late arrivals.

We are tied up at poles again. We are soon going to experts on this system, which I prefer from buoys.

We have a marvelous view over Öresund and the big bridge over to Copenhagen and Denmark.

We are now having a late afternoon drink before dinner, in a very quiet environment away from the very big boats, which we had very close to us when we were in Ystad. Here are we and another HR352 from Denmark, the biggest boats.

Monday, July 13

Filling up the stores in Ystad

Monday was used entirely for filling up our stores with both food and drink. Ystad has a very well organized and nice guest harbour, close to the city center and the shopping.
Sometimes there is a complete happiness onboard Lady Ann, as for instance when Janet is baking a good cake to the afternoon coffee.

Sunday, July 12

Ystad, Sweden

Yes, Lady Ann is back in Swedish waters again after a week "abroad". The stay in Bornholm became a little longer than we initially planned. But due to the "bad" weather, we were stuck a few extra days and we have also changed our plans a bit.
However, we set out this morning at 08.30 with Ystad as the destination, and it was a real nice trip in moderate SW winds at 5-8 m/s, so with an open reach at 6-7 knots, we made the trip in 6 hours.

Janet was in total control of the steering of Lady Ann trough the traffic controlled trafik lanes between Sweden and Bornholm. On the plotter the traffic looks like gang of wasps around Lady Ann. She found a gap and with full speed of 7 knots we just sailed through.

Ystad is a very nice place itself with old buildings and is very typical for the south of Sweden and the region. The guest harbour itself is very nice and we got a very good spot as we came in early today. Here you can find boats of all kind, from old nice wooden boats to Hallberg-Rassy 48 footers, among the more normal sizes of around 33-37 foot.

Thursday, July 9

Biking on Bornholm again.

Yes, we are still in Hasle and we will probable be here for another day or two. It is because of the gale force winds in the whole of the Baltic waters, including the southern Baltic around Bornholm. It started already last night, so it was a slightly unrest full night, as we had two other boats outside Lady Ann.

This morning the biking started with a tour to the local baker, and also to pick up a bag of new potatoes. They are sold at an unattended stall outside some private house.

After a late breakfast it was time for today’s second bike session, as the buses are fairly scares due to this Sunday time table business.

Anyhow we started a bike tour to Vang 10 kilometers north of here along the coast. It was a quite spectacular trip as we rode along the waterfront, and the quite heavy waves, due to the gale force winds, rolled in over the seabreakers along the coast.

We biked to Vang and back again in fantastic sunshine and a quite warm wind. So the weather is still with us except for the winds, which are not as last year, unfortunately. But it can only improve, so we have to wait and see.