Saturday, April 25

A table extention for the big meals

Janet wants to be able to serve meals for all the guests in one sitting, instead of a 1st and 2nd sitting. Therefore this extension to the old dinner table. The new table is done in the very same style as the old table and will now sit an additional 3 people, in total 7 people comfortable for dinner.

If anyone wonders where the steering wheel is, well sometimes you have to sacrifice for the good "course", it is either a good meal with friends or a straight and correct sailing course.

Where do you pick up a very stylish boat dinner table with genuine HR-quality, at BE EM Snickeri AB . Ossi has done a really superb job and managed to get the very same style and finish as on the old standard table.

Monday, April 20

At last, Spring is here !

According to the almanac it is definitively so, mid-April and after Easter.
But the weather last week-end said something else, sonny though but a very cold northerly wind.
Anyhow the cover is now of and the Radar pole is raised and connected. It is all prepared for the polish and the hard wax.

If the weather is god the coming week-ends , we will prepare as much as possible on the boat before it goes into the water the 5th of May. It is more convenient to load up the boat with gear when it is on land, instead of pull everything on a trolley on the long jetty.

So with the good forecast for this coming week-end, we expect to get the most done of the spring maintenance.