Sunday, October 25

We are now back where we started earlier this year

with Lady Ann on dry land, and covered for the coming winter.

A change this year is that we now have a little shed at the marina, where we can store things for the boat. It is quite good, as we don't need to bring things home and then back again. We will see how it works.

Wednesday, October 14

Lady Ann is on its way up from the water

The season is over for this year. The mast is off since last week, and Lady Ann will be up from the water today. Hopefully we can cover her this coming week-end.

October has really started with cold weather and this morning's frost was no surprise. The winter is comming.

Sunday, September 20

The last trip this season

Another fantastic sailing week-end, which was actually the last trip for this season. It started on Saturday with a very warm SW wind, and we put up the gennaker-sail for a comfortable trip past Dalarö Skans, and then over Jungrufjärden, past Murtö-Bunsö and then out to Biskopsö.

We took anchorage in Koxviken, where you get shelter from most winds.

Janet went ashore mushroom picking just seconds after we had tied up Lady Ann. This is what she found just within 100 meters from the boat. This will be a tasty addition to this evenings dinner. Not bad at all.

Sunday gave a little more wind and now the wind had veered over more to south, so we got a nice portside reach all the way home to Dalarö. From here we motored the short distance to Karlslund, the home port.

We took down the sails and did a first cleanout of the boat. It is unbelievable how much you can get inside a boat. The sails we could store in our new storage hut, we have rented from the yard. It is really convenient.

This week-end was really a fantastic finish of the 2009 sailing season. Next week-end it will be mushroom picking in Roslagen, north of Stockholm.

Sunday, September 13

A week-end trip in September

At last, there was a week-end with good enough weather to do a trip out in the archipelago. We had tried earlier in late August and early September to have a get- together with both Kaufmans and Sturms. But bad weather forecast and some crayfish parties had spoiled that intention. Nevertheless this week-end we had planned to meet up with Ossie and Barbro. Unfortunately Hilka, Alfred and Smila had already left the Baltic for the lake Mälaren, where they have their home port.

Saturday was really a nice day with a light SW wind and beautiful conditions for a nice sailing trip. The view south towards Mysingen was just perfect, spoiled only by a motorboat.

We had decided to meet up at Murtö-Bunsö, a trip of just 13 miles. So we were there already at 13:00. This was the first overnight trip out in the archipelago for this season.

We had a nice evening together with Kaufmans. On Sunday, unfortunately, the wind had shifted towards North, so we had the wind and waves straight in on our anchorage. When it started to rain also, we decided to head back home already before lunch.

It was a nice trip anyway; it is always nice to meet up with friends.

Thursday, August 20

Out for the day

Due to the weather there has been no real opportunity for any sailing trips. Another reason is that the summer vacation is over and we are back to work.

However this Thursday was an exception, I took the day of from work for a one day sailing trip just outside Dalarö. It was a clear blue sky with a reasonable wind, which increased significantly as the day progressed. It started as a SW wind 4-6 m/s, the wind veered to S and increased to 9-12 m/s.
I passed Dalarö Skans and headed towards Jungfrufjärden and Mörtö-Bunsö. Instead of stopping of in the bay of Mörtö-Bunsö for lunch, I had my lunch on the way.

On the way back I just crossed Jungrufjärden towards the north of Edsön, where I took down the sails and motored home passing the town of Dalarö on the way.

So it was a nice trip in good wind and sunshine, as it should be. Perhaps a little to windy to be a relaxed sailing trip.

Monday, August 10

Karlslund, the home port

We arrived at 12:30 to Karlslund after a 860 miles long holiday trip with Lady Ann. A trip, which went around the south and west coast of Sweden, through the Göta Kanal system and back to the east coast and Stockholm.

We will now have a few days rest before going back to work and with a more normal day-to-day life.

We left Rånö Hamn around 9:00 for the last 13 miles up over Mysingen to Dalarö and Karlslund.

Sunday, August 9

Rånö Hamn

We left Ringsön early in the morning with the first ambition to go all the way up to Karlslund the home port for Lady Ann. But after a contact with Kerstin and Peter we decided to meet up at Rånö Hamn for a dinner, and stay the night there before we continue the last miles to Karlslund.

Before we left Ringsön, the captain had to test the water temperature. The official figure was 22,5 degrees Celsius, but it felt colder though.

We arrived at Rånö Hamn at around 16.00 and we had a nice stay there with Kerstin and Peter.